Survivors!  ...yes, that is the title of my next book and I want you to write it with me. I am giving you the opportunity to tell your own story because non of us are immune from the many challenges that life put before us from time to time. But somehow on occasions, we overcome them and I know that behind them are usually stories of victory and success over defeat &  setbacks and all other challenges.

You have a story to tell but the thought of writing a whole book by yourself is too daunting a task so you allow your fears to hold you back from sharing your powerful story with the world.

Well,  I'm giving you the power to become a co-published author in this new decade






With my experience of over a decade in the publishing industry, I will be holding your hands side-by-side and support you through the whole process from crafting your story up to publishing it alongside with stories of other women like yours in the same book so that you are not alone.

Many people find writing a book for the first time a tough new challenge. That is why I am here to help you get your story out and you can earn the right to be known as a published author.
Let’s do it together!
Everyone's got a story  ...use yours to empower another woman.

So, what should you write about?

Remember that you are a Survivor! - Your story should reflect the challenges that you faced and ultimately conquered! They should be stories that Motivate, Empowers & Inspires your readers. (maybe you survived a terrible illness, got out of a bad relationship and abuse, or maybe yours is a success story of how you eventually paid off all your debts, overcame a bereavement or mental health problems, won a court case, or how you finally started that business of yours, bought a house, etc. Bottom line is that - you acknowledges you were faced with trial situations and survived and you are a living proof to your testimony.

In the last two years alone, I've helped over hundred people (both men and women) to capture their stories of migration - mainly in the Republic of Ireland, and l want to work with more people from all over the world and help bring their story to life!


Your Story Deserve to be Told. Let's do it!

Registration fee of €50 is necessary to ensure there are no time wasters. It also guarantees your copy of the book when published.

(Excludes shipping cost)

Share your story in SURVIVOR! Book of the decade!