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About us


SKYLINE Publishers is a publishing enterprise founded by Carol Azams, a professional Children's and Young Adult novelist and writer of non-fiction books. Having published her first novel 'Journey of the Irish Child' in 2005 by Publish America in the USA, she tried her luck to get on the list of traditional publishers with  subsequent publications without gaining the desired results. She got fed up with the idea of looking for and chasing after the so-called 'Traditional Publishers' and without further a-do, Carol decided to set herself up as a self-publisher under the imprint of New Age Publishers Ltd.  Today, under that same imprint and SKYLINE, she has published a modest number of titles.

As a small, but full publishing company, SKYLINE PUBLISHERS is able to offer full publishing services and assistance to all would-be authors and established authors from around the world in every step of the publishing process, at affordable cost and sometimes FREE of charge. This publishing firm also has a division that is dedicated to publishing children/students writers, and this section goes under the imprint of
PUBLISHEDbyKIDS. This section of the company seek out young writers through schools and communiy groups and then encourages them to write and get their work published in book form without charge.

 Through commitment, experience and expertise, Carol aim to publish as many titles as possible, making authors' dreams come true.  Under this new venture, SKYLINE PUBLISHERS hope to produce books for authors that will become  bestsellers and international award winners of repute down the line, as she has now combined her book publishing career with her experienced as a media broascaster and Public-Relations expertise.

So if you're thinking of becoming a published author, now is the time to do so with SKYLINE's hassle-free process and quick turn around procedures of helping you reap the harvest from your passion in a timely manner.


Don't delay, talk to Skyline Publishers today and you could become known as a published author in no time at all, because we make the journey so simple and as easy and affordable as possible. 


SKYLINE PUBLISHERS mission is to establish a good business relationship with our customers that will last a lifetime! 

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Meet Mrs. Carol Azams (Author & Broadcaster)










"I am a self-confessed Mumpreneur who decided to join the ever increasing league of women entrepreneurs juggling through life between being a good and caring mum to my 5 children, and running a successful business enterprise. You could say that I'm very ambitious but women entrepreneurs are building good and successful businesses around the world and it is my ambition to key into that. Besides, in life we have to have some form of ambitions because that gives you something to focus on and also a purpose to our being alive, and they're parts and parcel of the ingredients required to make  a successful entrepreneur. Positive ambitions helps to drive our dreams and hopes for the future. I have brought all that into overseeing the running of my newly established PR & my Publishing outfit, and I'm looking forward to share my enthusiasm with all my clients.


As a a qualified (PGdip PR/Event) Public Relations practitioner and owner of Diversity TV/Radio Media, with possible contacts in other local & some national medias, I consider myself as possessing the right tools to tell the right people about your company’s products and services or ideas, and your motivations, in the right way through writing and disseminating media release to targeted media, or speaking directly to the consumer via social networking platforms.

So, if you are looking for affordable PR service to promote your book, business, product or personal branding, you've come to the right place.  Also maybe you have a book in the making, perhaps a finished manuscript, or are thinking about writing one and need comprehensive service of a publisher, editor, designer (interior & cover), proof-reader or layout for your book project, or you know you have a story but haven't the time to sit down and write, and in need of someone who can ghost-write for you and who genuinely care about your work, then just be glad that you've found us, because we have a team of writers who would yarn your story and fine-tune it into a readable masterpiece.

I personally look forward to working with you or your organisation every step up to the point of having your books in your hands and holding a successful launch of your new book.  I have the skills & expertise to make your  dreams of becoming a published author a reality so don't hesitate to get in contact  today!"



Carol Azams. (C.E.O )


(Skyline Publishers is associate member of the Book

Publishers Association in Ireland)