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The Foreword:

"Having An Taoiseach Leo Varadkar write the foreword means so much more to me than I can possibly express here and I feel so humbled by it.  This is the first time that a Prime Minister would publicly acknowledge my work in this capacity and I am immensely grateful because it made all the time invested in research and sleepless nights well worth it. Above all, it shows in every sense that my efforts are appreciated and I am very pleased with that."  - Carol Azams

...through the eyes of a migrant woman!
For the love of a Nation

Many ...a labour of love!

- I did so you don't have to ...

- Ireland's Information Made Simple!
By Carol Azams - (foreword by Taoiseach Leo Varadkar)

  • Adding  another dimension to other books about Ireland, and this is coming from a different perspective ...through the eyes of a migrant.

  • People want a quick and easy read with fewer complications when looking for vital information which is why this book is your One-Stop Shop for all information about Ireland in bite-sizes.


  • It stands out by appealing directly to the global audience because it is not merely a guide book, but more of a cultural book as it embodies so many factors highlighted in the various sections for the reader’s benefits.

£25 - UK/EU
Shipping included
£30 - Rest of world
Shipping included
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