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(by Carol Azams)
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Brief about Carol Azams

Carol Azams, a Nigerian origin and proud citizen of the Irish Republic. She is first of all a business woman - the CEO of Skyline Publishers and Ireland's Multicultural Media Channel Diversity TV/Radio, published Author, Publisher, Broadcaster and Talk-Show Host of The Carol Azams Show on her media platform Diversity TV Ireland.


She is also the Founder and Director of the colourful multicultural festival held annually in Dublin (Ireland's Festival of Nations). She is a self-acclaimed Community Organiser,  One of Carol's initiatives includes a community documentary she single-handedly filmed, it is titled, Tyrrelstown: Our Future Re-Defined, it features some top-notch Irish politicians like Tánaiste Leo Varadkar TD, government Chief Whip Jack Chambers TD, former Dublin West TD & Tánaiste Joan Burton, including business people and locals in Tyrrelstown and also Garda representatives from Blanchardstown Garda Station in Dublin West. To which she  boasts of  receiving a congratulatory letter from Sabina Higgins, wife of President Michael D. Higgins for her effort in projecting Tyrrelstown in positive light.


Carol describes herself as someone who feels incredibly fulfilled when working with diverse groups of people from all backgrounds and walks of life. She has recently been appointed to the Programming, Technical and Volunteer Training Subcommittee of radio station (Dublin 15 Community Broadcasting Cooperative Society - 92.5 Phoenix FM, where she was formally working as researcher and Presenter of a weekly Inside Africa Radio Show.

Carol's recent achievements has been the start of her new show 'The CAROL AZAMS SHOW' during Covid lockdown in 2020, a talk show currently showing on her DTV platforms and YouTube. She has published many books under her belt, adding to that most recently is the  new book series collaboration with women from all over the world. The compilation of the women's individual experiences of living in a pandemic lockdown era. 2020 Year of Covid-19 : Stories of 101 women from across the world, is Vol. 1 in the series, while more volumes has also been published in the series.

Having  published the the first volume 2020:Year of  Covid-19 , recording contributions of 101 women from across the globe, TREASURE comes as vol.2 with 12o women, and (100 Empowered Voices) and we'now have a trilogy. However, more as we receiving more stories so more editions have been published and we continue to do so for as long stories continue to arrive in our mail box. So, once again I am very grateful to you all for giving  your time to write and sharing your inspiring stories with the world through my publishing platforms - Thank you! Thank you! Thank you all !!! 


Please read carefully before submitting the below form

I hereby declare that I am the sole owner and have the exclusive right of a story (collectively with any related images) recently submitted to Author/Publisher Carol Azams for inclusion of one of her Book projects such as  'STORIES OF LOCKDOWN SERIES, INSPIRED MIGRANT WOMEN BOOKS and the GRATITUDE BOOKS. The Story is submitted in good faith on the following conditions:  
1. The Story is mine and my full name be inserted as author of my Story alongside my brief biography. I realize that the Story may be broadly used by Carol Azams through her publishing firm, Skyline Publishers or affiliates to publish the Story in her books or otherwise create versions from it such as audio, ebook, magazine or personalised as desired, and I grant the right to adapt the story for those purposes in the case of such ever arising.
2. I agree that I am not  promised any cash payments and not directly entitled to any compensation as a condition due to use of the story or any similar material as related to Carol Azams and the themes of her Books either about life in lockdown during  Covid-19 Pandemic, gratitude & being grateful, or living experience as a migrant unless where otherwise agreed.
3. I hereby grant (and release to) Author Carol Azams/Skyline publishers a worldwide, royalty free, transferable license, with rights of to publish my story, use for advertising or publicity purposes, sublicense and otherwise use the story (or any portion or derivation thereof) in web, print, video, audio, and all other media (including, without limitation, any and all social media) and in any internet, radio, television, or live stage program. I further acknowledge and agree that neither Skyline publishers nor its affiliates shall be responsible or liable for any feedback or comments provided by others to my Story.  

4. I also retain 100% right to reuse my story elsewhere in anyway or form provided it has first been published by Skyline Publishers, and I shall ensure to mention it originally appeared in Carol Azams' (title)  Stories Book.

You are requested to enter your details in the form below because you are registered as one of the women contributing your Gratitude and (or) Covid Pandemic Lockdown stories to be included in a volume of the book publication series by Carol Azams. All collected details will be kept in private and used for the intended purposes only. 

Thanks! Message sent.

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