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First of all I want to thank all the women who believed in my vision and submitted their stories. 2020 has been a very complicated year for people the world over and I'm grateful to God for the inspiration to cease the moment to create history. Having all these women contributing their stories from all parts of the world about their experiences during this period gave me the courage to believe that this will not only be a successful venture but it is a project that will be preserved for the good use and benefit future generations to come.  I am immensely grateful  - Thanks to you all!


 a brief intro here:

My name is Carol Azams, Nigerian and a proud citizen of the Irish Republic. I'm a published Author, Publisher, Broadcaster & Talk-Show Host, haven founded my own small publishing firm (Skyline publishers) and media outlets such as Diversity TV/Radio Ireland (a migrant media service).

Currently I spend time between Dublin and London for work and family purposes. I feel more comfortable to describe myself as a Community Organiser than anything else because I feel incredibly fulfilled when working with diverse people from all backgrounds and from walks of life regardless of who they are and what they look like. 

My community works include organising a major and popular annual multicultural festival in Ireland, 'The Festival of Nations' which I founded a few years ago; it is one of a kind very colourful festival that brings all people from all parts of the country to celebrate every cultures together in the same venue (almost like being around the world in one venue). Another community project I'm so proud of is a documentary that I single-handedly filmed  for my beloved community where I used to live in, because of the the negative things that were being propagated about the place, so I decided to wade in to show a fresh perspective about the area. My documentary titled (Tyrrelstown: Our Future Re-Defined), featuring some top-notch Irish politicians who also live round the area which includes the immediate ex-Prime Minister (now deputy PM), also another former Ex-deputy PM and couple other parliamentarians, and many locals from the community itself.  






In the last two years alone, I've worked with more than 100 ordinary people (both men and women) to to help them realise their publishing dreams or simply capturing their stories of migration as well. I've always wanted to work with more people from all over the world. I wouldn't have thought that a global pandemic like Covid-19 would be my best opportunity to make that happen but here we are. With my experience of more than a decade in the publishing industry especially because of what the world is going through due to Coronavirus and my skills as a creative writer, I couldn't overlook challenge to to put pen to paper and also reach out to people from around the world and I'm so lucky to have found so many of you who trusted the idea to join me to record our lockdown experiences of 2020 for posterity .

So, once again - Thank you! Thank you! Thank you all !!! 



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